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Journey with me to free your true self

       Let me fall if I must fall. The one I become will catch me
Baal Shem Tov










Journey with me to free your true self
Let me fall if I must fall. The one I become will catch me
                                                                      Baal Shem Tov



Welcome to Alesha Keen Counselling and Coaching

Healthy Mind, Body & Spirit
Healthy Mind, Body & Spirit

Hello, and welcome to my website, I’m Alesha Keen and I have been offering counselling, Life coaching and complementary therapies, in the UK for over 20 years. I hold several counselling and coaching qualifications, including Brain Working Recursive Therapy® (BWRT),  Emotional & Transpersonal Psychotherapy (ETP) and Timeline Therapy in addition to being a Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner & trained trainer. Please see my 'About' page for full details of my qualifications and wide-ranging experience.

The counselling and coaching I provide is designed to help with many problems including anxiety, stress, insomnia, fears & phobias, grief, addictions, and many other emotional & wellbeing life challenges. 
I assist in empowering you you to increase your quality of life from the inside out by putting more of the real YOU in your life!

I believe we all have our own unique inner greatness that when lived from totally frees us to be our most natural and authentic self. With an increased self-awareness and connectedness, we are able to be confident in who we are and feel truly worthy. This will then naturally create an alignment of Body, Speech and Mind which bears greater fruits for us to enjoy.

If any of the below is something you regularly struggle with and sounds familiar then let’s create the change you deserve and move beyond the barriers and limitations.

•    You feel capable of so much more than you are actually achieving.
•    You feel unfulfilled with not being able to express your uniqueness or deeper self
•    You may feel held back or frustrated by unknown forces
•    Your childhood and environment didn’t equip you to get the best from life
•    You don’t know who you really are
•    You compare yourself to others and feel you fall short in some way
•    You worry what other people think of you
•    Your overwhelmed and can’t seem to get your life balance right
•    You want to remove the obstacles, limitations or restrictions but don’t know how to
•    You don’t feel in control of your own thoughts, feelings or behaviours
•    You are stuck in the same old patterns and don’t know how to move beyond them
•    You wish you felt more confident and self-assured but don’t know what you need.

My Approach

My approach to counselling and coaching is multi-faceted and integrated to be totally individual and client centred. I provide a discreet and confidential environement that centres on compassion and a non-judgemental perspective, in which privacy is always assured and you are free to disuss your issue however minor or worrying.

I specialise in freeing the mind from emotional and psychological difficulties, distress, restrictions, self-limiting barriers and suffering in the fastest and most effective ways. I am passionate about supporting you to gain greater freedom to be yourself again in the most authentic way possible or just to simply enjoy your life exactly how you want it to be for you.

I have a wide and varied 20 plus years of therapeutic training to support you. I now predominantly use therapies which offers powerful and pioneering solution-based results that rapidly frees you from unwanted patterns of behaviour. Allowing you the opportunity to live the life you want.

I would be delighted to discuss your counselling and coaching requirements to see how I can help you overcome your life challenges, and what therapy will be best suited to this. To book a FREE initial consultation please complete the following form: ‘Book A Free Consultation’ or call me on 0151 510 1959 or 07970 40 40 62, alternatively you can email me at:

The counselling & coaching therapies can be conducted in person, at my clinic in Cheshire, UK, or distant / online via phone or zoom online meeting platform.

My focus is your success, whatever that looks like to you!

I look forward to meeting you.

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BWRT Qualifications



BWRT – I do not profess to diagnose, 'treat' or 'cure' medical conditions. BWRT is a form of psychotherapy and I work solely with the psychological processes associated with any condition.
Please note:
Some issues can be highly complicated and I do not claim that BWRT® will be effective for every client. I always recommend you consult your GP to discuss any symptoms you may have. Therapy works differently for each individual and therefore levels of success and length of treatment may vary. BWRT® is not intended as a replacement for detox treatment for alcoholism or substance abuse but rather as a complement to these. BWRT® can produce very good resolution of symptoms of reactive depression; however, if the depression is primary, i.e. not related to anything else, BWRT® is less likely to be as effective. Clients wishing to reduce or come off medication are advised to consult with the GP before starting therapy.

Alesha Keen BWRT
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