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My different approaches to therapy and the outcome

Why Counselling or Coaching?

Seeking help doesn’t have to be because there is something wrong it can also be that you want to make changes in your life, or you want to attain new goals or you have a life event that you havent had to face before. You can find yourslef at a cross roads in your life, or you feel something is preventing you achieving the success you want.

Reaching out can for some be a challenge in its self and can feel like you have failed in some way even. However society has changed so much we don’t have the family support near by as in past generations or even full community with elders to advise and guide. Modern life is challenging and fraucht with circumstanstanes that tests the best of us. Facing our difficulties gives us an opprtunity to grow as a person, to heal, to become stronger in our sense of self and have a positive impact on those around us. It allows us to be  free to be ourselves and go out into the world and create our own sense of internal fulfillment.

Counselling vs Coaching

Coaching helps you set and achieve goals and its starting point is where you are now vs counselling which helps you recognise, understand and solve your behaviours and emotions.

Coaching is focused on your potential vs Counselling is focused on helping you be at peace with yourself and your life.

I see both as necessary and blending the two styles when it is beneficial to you in attaining the outcome you desire.


BWRT – I do not profess to diagnose, 'treat' or 'cure' medical conditions. BWRT is a form of psychotherapy and I work solely with the psychological processes associated with any condition.
Please note:
Some issues can be highly complicated and I do not claim that BWRT® will be effective for every client. I always recommend you consult your GP to discuss any symptoms you may have. Therapy works differently for each individual and therefore levels of success and length of treatment may vary. BWRT® is not intended as a replacement for detox treatment for alcoholism or substance abuse but rather as a complement to these. BWRT® can produce very good resolution of symptoms of reactive depression; however, if the depression is primary, i.e. not related to anything else, BWRT® is less likely to be as effective. Clients wishing to reduce or come off medication are advised to consult with the GP before starting therapy.

Alesha Keen BWRT
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